Dec 16, 2010

Cute Kitty Thursday...

Our Cutey Cat
(relaxing on the loveseat!)

Jane at Flora Doora  has joined "Cute Kitty Thursday".

(If you have a Cute Kitty Thursday post, please tell me about it.)

Have a great day!


Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Lynn, I just sort of invited myself to the
Cute Kitty Thursday Party! I hope you don't
mind! I love cats so much, however, can't have
one as my husband is allergic. He can pet them, as you see on my blog, however, he can't
live with them! Anyway, I had forgotten to
put your link on my post, I am so sorry!

Flora Doora

Lynn said...

You are more than welcome to post cute kitty pics anytime! (Don't worry about the link). I hope you have a great day! Lynn