Mar 11, 2011

Notebook for Pink Saturday

I'm sharing one of my pretty notebooks today for:

  ~ Pink Saturday ~

This notebook is by Punch Studio and has and elaborate die cut edge
and gold accents on the front.
In the age of email and websites, I think it's still nice to have real paper
for correspondence....(or just to collect!)

Beverly has some lovely links on this "Pink and Green Saturday"

Have a great weekend.



Cat & Cricket said...

Happy PS! love the notebook... pretty and pink!

Simply Debbie said...

Happy Pink Saturday.
This is my very first time to your beautiful blog.
The notebook is stunning.
I just became your 28th friend/follower. I just love the idea of friend. I saw where another blogger was doing it and I told her I love friend verses follower. I hope you will visit my blog and become my friend.
I am not participating in Pink Saturday as I AM having issues with either blogger or google...I don't know where the problem is
Nice to meet you
Have A Sugar Sweet Day
Simply Debbie

Tricia said...

Such a lovely notebook - I just have a thing for beautiful notebooks and paper - have way too many of them. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Sat.


LV said...

Glad you shared your notebook with us today. Very nicely done.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

What a stunning notebook! So very pretty!!


Deanna said...

Love the notebook. I love to find vintage postcards or stationary that has not been used and although it breaks my heart to write on them, I feel that writing is becoming a lost art. I have letters from my dear late mother in-law where she and her sister corresponded over the years. The paper is just so lovely and their writing style is a reminder that young people today just would never be able to write like that.

Thanks for sharing!

Happy PS
Deanna :D