Apr 21, 2011

Candy and Code

First, a pretty picture......

Now, you might have noticed that I've made some changes to my blog recently.
I removed a third party widget (NOT a Google product) that was using javascript to call to an outside website.
I know that many websites have all sorts of advertising, tracking and
stuff like that, but I didn't want it on my site so it is gone. I am sort of a design snob and am always striving for clean code and a fast loading website with little fluff to slow it down. I learned website design the old fashioned way, by actually writing the html code by hand in notepad and previewing in a browser.
Modern blog design is "drag and drop" and
does not require much if any knowledge of html to build a site.
 But I encourage all of you lovely bloggers to
really check out what is loaded on your page and strive for an elegant and fast loading site.
The code matters....

OK, enough about that, back to the pretty pictures!
Linking up for Friday Pretties with Joyce
Show and Tell Friday with Cindy

Have a great weekend,


Georgianna said...

Beautiful photo, Lynn! So festive. Wishing you a Happy Easter!

liberal sprinkles said...

Lovely photo. I like to mess with html and blog settings but it gets me in trouble a lot. I lost my complete Blogger followers function last week - everything gone, poof! Hasn't stopped my naughty fingers but I'd say be careful!

Candi said...

Beautiful phot, thank you so much for sharing. hugz;)