Nov 7, 2011

Lilac and Blue Hydrangea

I like the various colors found in this Hydrangea. 

Linking with The Creative Exchange today.


lisa said...

Lynn, I have never seen a color combination quite like this in a hydrangea, and it is just gorgeous. You photograph of it is beautiful!!

Thank you so much for sharing at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful day!


Linda Willets Photography said...

Love Hydrangeas.. never seen this color before.

Debbie said...

my very most favorite flower since childhood. we use to call them snowballs!!

i have never seen this blend of colors, it is stunning and you have captured it well!!

koralee said...

Hi my friend...thank you so much for letting me know about the size of my images...I did not realize that at all...I love my new Big look but I guess it does not work for everyone. Next post I will resize my image to a smaller size ...maybe I have to pull in the margins? I am not sure how to correct the problem. Anyways I will work on it...most of my readers love it and I am not sure why some screens are different than others...all this is a learning experience for me. What is different about your computer? Thanks for being patient with me while I try to solve this. Hugs .xoxoxox

koralee said...

HI my friend...I moved in the margins...please let me know if this worked for you. Thanks. xoxox